Pinax Stripe Documentation

Pinax is an open source ecosystem of reusable Django apps, themes, and starter project templates.

As a reusable Django app, pinax-stripe provides the ecosystem with a well tested, documented, and proven Stripe integration story for any site that needs payments.


This documentation is broken up into three main sections. First, the User Guide is designed to provide a conceptual level introduction along with just enough details to get you going on your project. As you need to dive deeper you, you'll want to check out the Reference docs for details on all the code you'll find in this library. Finally, the About section will provide details for the curious on topics like this project's history, our release notes, and this project's license text.

Finding Help

The primary place to find a helpful hand in our Slack instance. Ask around in #general or #pinax-stripe channels there if you need anything at all.

If you think you encountering a bug either in the code, or in the docs (after all if something is not clear in the docs, then it should be considered a bug in the documentation, most of the time), then please file an issue with the project.